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Saturday Aug 8

either 1 or 6 pm

Starting a new journal in midair - location absolutely unknown. I'm nervous and sweaty from the horrible movie (The Four Seasons) we just saw - I must put it out of my mind as quickly as possible. I'm so nervous about going back. Why? It should be comforting or something. Am I worried I'll slip up and say lift or something? Not many lifts in A_____, so don't worry. I was sad my last day in Oxford - sad to leave, but sad at my incompleteness. (Ah, we're in Nova Scotia's sky.) I never got back to take pictures of the cows (I tried, but they weren't out) and I didn't go to the Picasso exhibit and I didn't make any English friends. Etc. But I was an academic success, even with my ruthlessly insolent final (maybe because of. He said he'd like to see what I did when I took a test seriously.)

Continuity from last summer in this respect at least - I will be moving again (maybe just to la petite maison - we'll see) and also I may have a rigorous time getting home. Who knows, who knows. At least I got on the plane, stolen ticket and all. A pretty complicated trip, it turned out to be, what with the second (emergency) cab in Oxford - travelling with the queen of the shoppers and her eight pieces of luggage - the train was fun, a compartment just like in Hard Day's Night, and appropriately we went backwards to Reading so I couold watch Christminister fade away. A lovely misty morning, too, and we saw it at 5:30. The 2nd train was fun too - little windows to hang one's head out of and peer down the platform - I wish I'd had gloves and hat (no, I wish I'd been gloved and hatted) and had a sailor boyfriend named Jim to wave to.

It will feel so funny to talk when I'm off this plane. When will I have my next conversation? When will I get to A____? Where will I go? I don't have a house key. I barely have a house. My temptation - to sleep until tomorrow, and have no fuss and no hesitancy.


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